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◼  Good Afternoon is a famous British-style tearoom located in Gyeongnidan Road, Itaewon, Seoul.

◼  You can enjoy the British black tea and tasty desserts in our European-themed store covered in pastel blue.  

◼  The store has been frequently introduced on famous Korean magazines and our visitors express a high level of satisfaction. 

◼  The ‘Afternoon Tea Set’ and the ‘British Cream Tea Set’ in Good Afternoon can only be reserved through MAJI and can be enjoyed at discounted prices. 

◼  Good afternoon is only 8 minutes away from Noksapyeong station on foot. 

  All tickets include reservation services.

  You can upgrade from a regular/basic tea of beverage to milk tea or tea-ade on-site. (Surcharge : 1,000 KRW) 

◼  Cookies 2pcs 

◼  Macaron 2pcs 

◼  Meringue 2pcs 

◼  Panna cotta 2pcs 

◼  cake 1pcs 

◼  Madeleine 2pcs 

◼  Scone  2pcs 

◼  Croissant Sandwich 4pcs 

◼  Tea or Beverage 2 cups  

◼  Scone  2pcs 

◼  British milk tea 2 cups 

*  British milk tea can be changed to another tea of the same price. 

*  It's a maji exclusive hidden menu.  

What to expect

Warm and high-quality black tea with tasty desserts

will fill your afternoon with happiness and joy. 

As you know,Korea is often said to be the paradise of cafes.☕

That’s just how much Koreans enjoy coffee in their daily lives.

However, there are not many tearooms where one can enjoy tea.🍵

The founder of ‘Good Afternoon’ was impressed by how British people never forgot to enjoy a moment of relaxation during the day through teatime even amid their hectic schedules.

Hence came the birth of this British-style tearoom to spread the British tea culture to Koreans,

who often spend their daily lives in haste and hurry. 

’Afternoon Tea’ is a British tea culture that goes all the way back to the British aristocracy of the 19th century,where tea was enjoyed with snacks between lunch and dinner, around 3~5 in the afternoon.

It is said that in England, where tea culture is very well-developed, tea is still enjoyed almost 8 times a day.

When you open the doors into the exotic, sky-blue store, you will be welcomed by a full range of British teapots, interior designs, and more.

The signature menu of the store is the ‘Afternoon Tea Set’, which is composed of low-fat desserts with a moderate level of sweetness that goes very well with tea. 

The three-tier tray that beautifully features cookies, macarons, madeleine, and meringue cookies is just perfect for Instagram.

Though it may be a bit pricy for a two-person tea set, it is the perfect choice when you are in the mood for a little yet meaningful luxury for yourself from time to time. 

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How to use

◼  Order confirmation letter of your booking will be sent immediately.

(* Please note that Order confirmation letter is not a voucher)

◼  Voucher will be sent to your e-mail within 1~3 business days after the ticket purchase

◼  Voucher is valid only on the dates shown on the voucher.

◼  Present your voucher before ordering.

Visitor Info

Good afternoon is located 8 minutes away on foot from exit 2, Noksapyeong station. (near Itaewon)  

◻  ADDRESS : 45, Noksapyeong-daero 46-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul


◻  TEL : 02-794-2923

◻  OPEN HOUR : 10:00AM~ 09:30PM (KST) 

Terms & Conditions

🔳 Cancellation Policy 

2 day before the reserved date 
                       full refund
1 day before the reserved date

◼  All time are based on Korea Standard Time (KST) 
◼  Make sure to arrive at the place on the day that you reserved. 
◼  Changes and cancellations of reservations can be made 2 days prior to the reserved date.
◼  Order must meet the number of people (e.g. 2-person menu cannot be ordered for 3 people). 

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