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  Muwol  is a trendy makgeolli bar that has reinterpreted the traditional Korean liquor with modern vibes.

  Around 15 kinds of fruit-flavored makgeolli are available here. 

    The signature makgeollis include: 

    ▪ Plum Makgeolli

     Strawberry Milk Makgeolli

     Green Grape Makgeolli


  The tickets are only sold at MAJI and the signature menus of Muwol can be enjoyed for 10~15% less than the original price.

  10% discount is also offered for on-site orders of additional anju* menus

       (additional orders are paid on-site).

  Muwol is only 8 minutes away from Gangnam station on foot, so it's at a accessible location.   


*anju: food consumed with alcohol

  All tickets include reservation services, with welcome cards and flowers.

◼  You can choose one of Signature makegeollis as below: 

    1) Plum Makgeolli

    2) Strawberry Milk Makgeolli

    3) Green Grape Makgeolli. 

  Muwol signature makgeollis can be changed to other makgeollis of the same price.

◼  1 bottle of signature makgeolli (1L) will be provided.  

◼  1 bottle of signature makgeolli (1L) 

◼  Hanbang barbecue bossam  (Large) 

*recommended for 2 people 

◼  1 bottle of signature makgeolli (1L) 

◼  Modum-jeon 

*recommended for 2 people 

◼  1 bottle of signature makgeolli (1L) 

◼  Hanbang barbecue bossam  (Large) 

◼  Modum-jeon 

*recommended for 3~4 people 

What to expect

Muwol is a trendy makgeolli bar.

More than 15 kinds of fruit makgeolli are sold and the signature menus include the Plum Makgeolli , Strawberry Banana Makgeolli, and Aronia Makgeolli. The look of makgeolli served in pretty, colorful bottles is just perfect for photos! 🍇🍋🥭🍑🍌🍓🍍

Muwol is famous not only for its makgeolli, but also for its tasty side dishes. In particular, the Hanbang* Barbecue Bossam*, our signature dish, is absolutely delicious and plentiful even when compared to restaurants in Seoul that specialize in Bossam.

With makgeolli, you cannot leave out anju and modum-jeon*, which are also popular menus at Muwol. (Modum) Jeon is a dish made by frying various seasoned ingredients, such as fish, sweet potatoes, mushrooms etc., that have been coated in egg wash. They are served on special holidays in Korea as well.🤤

*hanbang: Korean traditional medicine, including an extensive use of herbal remedies

*bossam: Korean boiled pork wrap, served with cabbage and spicy radish salad

*modum-jeon: assorted Korean pancakes

The most frequently recommended menu by our regulars is **Fried Chili**!🌶

It is a dish that serves whole chili peppers that are fried with stuffed meat inside, popular for its crunchy and crispy texture. 

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Visitor Info

MUWOL is located 8 minutes away on foot from exit 11, Gangnam station.  

◻  ADDRESS : 21, Bongeunsa-ro 4-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


◻  TEL : 02-555-3060

◻  OPEN HOUR : 11:30 AM ~ 02:00 (+1) AM (KST) 

Terms & Conditions

🔳 Cancellation Policy 

3 days before the reserved date                         
full refund
1-2days before the reserved date 
70% refund
On reserved date and  No-show

◼  All time are based on Korea Standard Time (KST) 
◼  Make sure to arrive at the place on the day that you reserved. 
◼  Changes and cancellations of reservations can be made 3 days prior to the reserved date.

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