LGuplus prepaid SIM + T-money card

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  • 1. Sim-card available for Iphone and Android.
  • 2. Sim card has T-money function therefore you do not have to purchase an extra card for T-money.
  • 3. Use the LTE service from LG U+, one of Korea's top 3 telecommunication company.
  • 4. You can receive a variety of gifts including a 10,000 won discount on Uber, a pre-paid card voucher for duty free shops and etc.
  • The pleasure of not having to buy USIM and T money separately!

    Don't waste your time looking for Wi-Fi! Use unlimited Internet with fast LTE of LG U+, one of the Korea's top 3 telecommunication company. In addition to using SIM, you can top-up your SIM card and use it as a transportation card, so that you don't have to purchase a transportation card that costs 4,000 won separately! You can buy it anytime, anywhere with a day reservation and a full-time service.

    • No need to return your SIM card after using it!

    • When you want to top-up it, say "T-Money recharge please"

    • When picking up the card, English/Japanese/Chinese speaker will provide you with service.



    Product Information

    • Valid Date: After Opening *days (Valid dates vary depending on each option)

    • Data: Unlimited (Infinite usage at 5Mbps after 2GB LTE per day)

    • Domestic Call: X

    • Domestic Message: X

    • How to set up APN when data is not available

    - Name : LGU+

    - APN : internet.lguplus.co.kr

    - MMSC : 2001:4430:8000:20:0:1:0:1



    EVENT Benefit

    On-site receipt, you will receive the following. Please contact the site for instructions on how to use the duty-free shop benefits!


    1. Uber Taxi

    • How to use : Put in the code at the Uber App

    • 10,000 won discount on first use at Incheon/Gimpo Airport or 20% discount 3 times when used in downtown Seoul (5,000 won discount per session)

    • You need to use it within two weeks of registering the code.


    2. Shinsegae Duty Free Shop in Downtown

    • Upgrading to Silver Card and offering 10,000 won prepaid Card exchange voucher - available in Myeong-dong, Gangnam, and Busan stores.

    • Discounted based on the amount used. ( $50/$100/$200/$300 when used \5,000/10,000/20,000/30,000 discount)

    • One mask pack is given when visiting Shinsegae Duty Free.


    3. Soeul Shilla Duty Free

    • Upgrading to Silver Card and offering 10,000 won prepaid Card exchange voucher

    • Discounted based on the amount used ( $100/$200/$300/$500 when used \10,000/20,000/30,000/50,000 discount)


    4. In Seoul Korean Hanbok (Gyeongbok Palace)

    • How to use : Get paper coupons on site and get discount of 5,000 won on total amount of Hanbok rental.


    5. Honey Butter Amond (1 pack per peron)


LTE Unlimited USIM
T-money Card

Transportation money in T-money Card


1. Incheon Airport Terminal

• Location : Level 1, Entrance 5-6 gate

• Operation Hours : 24 hours

2. Incheon Airport Terminal 2

• Location : Level 1, Entrance 4-5 gate

• Operation Hours : 24 Hours

3. Gimpo Airport

• Location : Level 1, next to Entrance 1 gate 

• Operation Hours : 06:30 ~ 23:00

4. Gimhae International Airport

• Location : Level 1, Entrance 2~3 gate

• Operation Hours : 06:00 ~ 22:00  


1.The period of use is calculated from the date of first use of data other than the date of purcase.

- Example  : Purchased the 5 days option on the 1st of June, but you have first used the data on the 4th of June at 10am, the date will start from 4th of June and will be bale to use it until the 9th of June 10am.

2. In order to pick up the sim-card you must have the passport with you! If passport accident during the reservation, you will not be allowed to pick up the sim card. Please double check before hand.

3. Extension of date will not be permitted.

4. Once the sim card in inserted, depending on the type of phone, you may have to switch the phone ON/OFF at least 5 times.

5.In order to use the SIM, Country Lock must be undone. Customers from Japan/ US/ Canada, Please contact you local telecom agency and undo the country lock.

6. 2GB will be re-charged every night at 24:00.

7. The Card can be used as T-money for Korea's Transportation. (KTX, ITX, AREX Excluded) 

8. If you have any problems with USIM, please contact the following number for help. 
- Line Search ID : lgcscenter   / Kakao Talk Search ID : lgcscenter  / Weechat: lgcscenter  / WhatsApp : join number(01039981004)

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