[OME] Chimaek Cooking Class

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  • 1. You can make Korea's No.1 refreshment - chicken by yourselves.
  • 2. Take a look at the biggest markets in Korea - Kyeongdong Market and Yangnyeong Market
  • 3. Learn about Korean food culture starting from the ingredients.
  • 4. Have an interesting Korean food-making experience with other foreigners.
  • 5. Learn and eat 3 types of bar snacks in Korea
  • 6. Learn about Korea's alcohol beverage culture and taste them
  • "OME" in OME Cooking's Lab represents the five different kinds of tastes in Korean food. Experience the interesting cooking class with the five different kinds of tastes in OME Cooking's Lab. Buy ingredients directly in Korea's traditional markets and cook the food yourselves. Also, you can make Korea's No.1 refreshment - chicken by yourselves.


    • The worldwide famous Korean combination - chicken and beer! Taste the chicken made by yourselves and have a cup of alcoholic drink! It is a special cooking class where you can learn the methods of making chicken, Korean style pancakes and dried bar snacks, as well as to taste Korean soju, beer and makkeolli.


    • This class is only for those aged above 18.


    Min. number of reservation

    2 people



    1. Market Tours

    2. Purchase of Ingredients

    3. Use the ingredients

    4. Have a fun time sharing the food with other participants

    Operating hours


Market Tour
Cooking Class


 Line No.1 Jegidong Station Exit No.2


1. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the reservation time. 

2. If you cannot reserve a certain date or time, please contact the CS Team through email.

3. Companions are not allowed to look on.

4. Only the English lesson is available until 15th June.

5. Those aged below 36 months are free of entry.

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