PLAY WiFi Pocket WiFi Rental (Mobi Telecom)

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  • 1. This is Pocket WiFi that can be used as portable power banks
  • 2. Try 4G LTE internet anywhere in Korea:)
  • 3. This is a practical Pocket WiFi that allows unlimited data
  • 4. You can use the speedy 4G LTE internet anywhere in Korea for up to 32 hours
  • 5. EVENT : Get a free LINE FRIENDS lollipop candy !
  • You no longer need to carry extra batteries and pocket WiFi together anymore! PLAY WiFi Pocket WiFi can be used as portable power banks!

    Use speedy 4G LTE internet anywhere in Korea and built-in powers for up to 32 hours without worrying about data!



    PLAY WiFi Pocket WiFi Rental

     Built-in large portable power banks

    Pocket WiFi includes 600mAh's power, which can use up to about 32 hours and up to 48 hours in standby mode. You don't need to carry another portable power banks.


     Use speedy 4G LTE internet anytime anywhere

    You can always access the internet at a fast speed and unlimited data. There may be a speed limit if used more than 2GB per day, but it will resort after midnight. 



    Device Information

    • Model name: (KT) NP 40K

    • Accessories: USB cable, Manual (English / Chinese / Japanese), Charger

    • Maximum Usage Time: (In 100% full charge status) About 32 hours ※ Up to 48 hours in standby mode

    • Can connect up to 8 devices simultaneously 


 You can rent a pocket wifi for 1 day

[Price Information]
When renting for 15 days : 1 day X 15


1. Incheon Airport Terminal 1

• Venue: PLAYWiFi desk, between B ~ C counter, 3rd floor

• Operating hours: 24 hours / All Year Rond

2. Incheon Airport Terminal 2

• Venue: PLAYWiFi desk, near GATE 6, 1st floor

• Operating hours: 24 hours / All Year Rond

3. Gimpo International Airport

• Venue: PLAYWiFi desk, near Airport pharmacy, 3rd floor

• Operating hours: 06:00 ~ 21:00 / All Year Rond

4. Busan Gimhae Airport

• Venue: PLAYWiFi desk, between GATE 3 ~ 4, 1st floor

• Operating hours: 05:30 ~ 22:30 / All Year Rond


1. You can make on-day reservation. It's available on weekends, regardless of time.

• Reservations at Gimpo Airport must be made until 17:00 a day before.

2. You'll find a service for inquiries.

• LINE: mobilepop01

• Call: +82-2-2039-7739.

3. When you receive SIM card, you will be provided with the manual in English / Chinese.

4. In case of wifi rental, deposit per 1 device will be charged on-site. (Cash: 200,000 KRW / Credit card)

5. The loss and lease payments are made with the card. (200,000 KRW) 

6. If you want to rent the device for 1 month and an additional 15 days → A. Either book 2 of 30Days Rental OR (1 of 30Days Rental) + (15 of 1Day Rental)

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