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MAJI [ma:zi]

맞이하다 : The meaning of Korean MAJI is Greeting.

1. Welcome
2. Get ready to be one of our members with manners

MAJI is welcoming you like our family and offering the best experience.

Experience the Real Korea
Are you just not considering Korea simply because of the language Barrier or uncertain information?
Now, we suggest the paradigm shift for Traveling Korea.
MAJI will provide you the enjoyable real life like a Korean instead of just selling the tour products.

See the best Korea with MAJI
K-pop, Shopping, Extreme sports, Food, Traditional Culture, History, Nature and Korean Friends!
With MAJI, you will have the most incredible memories in Korea.

The Answer will be alway MAJI
Even if you can’t speak any Korean language and you are not Korean,
you can enjoy like a local more comfortably and pleasantly than Koreans with MAJI Service.

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